Haron Milirose
Haron is a master of capitalizing. He takes the hand he’s dealt and makes the most of it, all the while seeming to thrive no matter what way he’s forced to adapt. A critic might say it would be easy to roll with the punches when your lot in life is wealth, power and infamy, but Haron isn’t concerned with justifying much of anything. He sees the world in his own particular way, and uses his means to achieve personal goals which other Gha’alians perceive as frivolous or pointless. It’s been considered that were Haron to ever set his sights on a larger scheme, he might be a force to be reckoned with; eerily capable of talking, buying, manipulating, bribing and threatening his way in and out of all manner of things, but (thankfully?) his concerns have always been personal and self serving.