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Ebon Light is a fantasy visual novel scheduled for release in January 17th, 2018. It’s been in production since forever, and will be the first project to be released by Underbliss.

Download the demo here!

In Caleare, war is a constant. Peace is a dream forgotten in such a violent and unforgiving world. The dusken elves in the Great Pillar Ocean revel in war and conquest. Long-lived, hidden by the tumultuous seas on their stalwart isle, they spend their years sharpening their teeth for battle. They are fueled by vengeful passions, shrouded in mysterious origins, and reek of volatile desperation. While the terror of nations, they are terrified in turn by something which haunts them. Such is the order of things in Caleare.

Edric kept life safe and simple, despite Caleare. Far from the rage of others, you’d heard stories of the Lalarin empire devouring villages, of the werewolves in Manoska hunting to extinction their kin, and even of the pale warrior elves in Gha’alia, but all were mere tales. All to serve as warning for what wanderlust could bring, if ever you strayed from the safety of your village.

When a Gha’alian elf finds you infused with Gha’alian secrets, you find yourself at the center of a stage set in a hostile and unstable nation. It would take much to survive when so many would prefer the secrets stay hidden. Much perseverance, cleverness, charisma or brutality of your own. And even then, as the story becomes stranger, as elves who were your enemy become allies, friends and lovers, who is to say what will become of you?