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Ebon Light! (Oct 18, 17)

Happy midweek!

Okay, so I mentioned on Tumblr earlier, but I did a goof and overwrote some script with an archived version. I haven’t the foggiest clue why my editor opened up an archived version instead of the current one, but regardless, it did, and I saved it, and I hadn’t had a more recent backup than what it saved with.The damage was a loss of about 16k words which ultimately isn’t thaaaat much but it was two of five sections that had taken me ~forever~ to finish. I felt the silver lining of this (as I also mentioned) was that I’d been pretty dissatisfied with those sections and generally, when you write something a second time, in my albeit limited experience, it is better the second time around. I was having a lot of issues getting momentum/flow with the story for those sections and though it’d been better recently it still wasn’t as cohesive as I’d of preferred, which was troubling in and of itself, and while I’ve obviously been trying to figure out why it’s been taking so long in between it.. taking so long, the end result remains that it just ~kinda~ got away from me. Thus I was left trying to wrangle it all in and figure out what was going on…

But all is not doom!
I figured the only way to get the momentum back was to read from the beginning again, which even though I wrote this sucker myself and you’d think I’d know it like the back of my hand by now you’d be surprised how much I forget, pfft. But hurrah! I’m starting to feel better about this than I have in moooonths, and everything is starting to feel a lot more cohesive. I’m a little freaked out about the loss of those sections, just because of how long it took me to write them the first time, but if I know anything about the way I write it’s that while even as I can obviously take forever, I can also write stupidly fast. That’s in part why I kept assuming things wouldn’t take much longer only for them to, lo and behold, take, again, forever!

But I can definitely feel the momentum of the story again and a lot of the panic is dissolving~~~ I’m going at this with archaic tools–a pen and notebook– to record variables so I can keep meticulous track of the branches, and I suspect this is going to mean those five ‘problem’ sections are changed/edited/refactored/whatever quite a lot. I’m going to certainly take into account that I wanted this done yesterday; but if problem sections mean it takes me eons ,and doing whatever I need to to lasso the flow means it takes a fraction of that time, then even rewriting/reworking it is going to be faster, yeah? With the added bonus being I’m 90% certain if I’m happier with it, it will be more fun to play; I figure that’s just generally how this works, but hey, I may be wrong. I could be wrong!
Further, I hate to make any assumptions or predictions, I’ve been wrong so many times, so I won’t. So all I can offer is a bit of an update!

In complete other news:
Some resolutions (including mine) had this issue with EL’s setting menu where in windowed mode then ‘no’ button wouldn’t light up correctly whilst in windowed mode. This was because the 1920×1080 resolution wasn’t registering as active in displays that didn’t have that resolution..available? It would still work for all intents and purposes but the infuriating little button wouldn’t light up.
So that’s fixed! Hurray!
I also think I fixed some issue with the compendium screen opening up over settings or from the settings in the main menu, though not totally convinced that’s hammered out.
Just, I dunno, bits of housekeeping.

No compendium just yet — bear with me! I’m jumping back and forth everywhere right now and the entry I wanna do, on a character, is tied up with some stuff that may change so I wanna make sure it’s good to go before ‘releasing’ it. I’ll post it as soon as I can!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and if not, then.. well, I hope it gets wonderful right away.

Ebon Light! (Oct 12, 17)

Happy midweek! Got all my bases covered with that greeting 😉

Working on some (for me) challenging cutscenes, mostly because it’s jumping into the realm of perspective and architecture when pre-EL all I’d do is draw faces and sometimes bodies to my heart’s content. A thing I do now is just mock up the basic shape of buildings in blender first. This is helping me learn blender in case I ever wanna do stuff in 3d as well as making sure my.. foundation perspectives are accurate at least!

Beautiful aint it not? 😉

Perhaps I’ll stream working on this one, or making record it, speed it up and slap it on youtube. I dunno, it’s not particularly spoilery in and of itself, so!

Worked a bit on a few faces…. can you spot any differences? 😉

Pretty subtle, not sure I’m done messing with them. Ahh, it’s come round again that I’ve started nitpicking things because it’s taking soooo long to finish my artistic..taste? I won’t say skill but something is pointing out issues I never noticed before. Pff.

Yeah I really should widen the text box on the people section a bit…

I’m super sleepy and I wanna try to put together a tiny surprise for the gif, so I gotta postpone that a little, I hope everyone’s having a good week!

Ebon Light! (Oct 5, 17)

Welcome to October! Woefully EL didn’t get released last month (I’d been aiming for September), and ugh I’m not close enough to finishing the game to say it’ll be done this month either, but I’d reallllllly like it to be done before winter! I’m trying! Things keep getting in the way, but grrrrrr! I refuse to surrender! Exclamation points! Determination! Roar!

And happy super late Wednesday/early Thursday!

~Dramatic Music Plays~

Some (very) unfinished background sneak peaks, which is just as well because it’ll give you something nice to look at when the game is released 😉 Mietwen’s sprite is also very unfinished- I dunno what exactly is going on with that outfit yet. This lady has half a dozen sons and a small hoard of grandchildren. Elves never give away anything by appearance!

The compendium entry I was trying to scrape up tonight isn’t coming together smoothly, so I gotta put a little delay on that. Will get that one or a different one up tomorrow, though!

I hope everyone has a good week!

edit: Compendium entry!

The one I was trying to do isn’t working out, at least not anytime soon, so here’s a silly one in the meantime 🙂

Ebon Light (Sep 29, 17)

Phew, okay! Long time no update!

As a disclaimer, there is a lot (of which some very heavy) stuff going on over in personal life land, I’ve been particularly flighty. Writing tragi-romanti elves is something of a welcome escape but disclaimer felt needed! End disclaimer!

Here’s a gif of Vadeyn being super dramatic:

I’m secretly determined to get the MC to have the option to respond ‘you’re being incredibly dramatic’ at some point.
Meanwhile, there’s some weird little.. right angle bounding box marker in one of those expressions! Never mind it, it’ll get fixed up when I finally update her face with the new proportions. I wonder how that one slipped by!

I believe I’ve mentioned it before but these gifs are taken of totally unedited content and they’re .. subject to change, just in case you don’t see something quite the same in the final game. (I type nervously, as I predicts I’ll need to change a few details!)

Bam! Compendium! Just when you thought they were extinct!
And on the Cuthintal, of all things! I can’t believe I hadn’t done that one yet, ha! Wait.. have I… Ok. Nope. I checked.
You only get the first snip which isn’t really anymore than you already knew if you played the demo, it’ll get updated with more info as you go. Though, as something of an infuriating spoiler, it remains largely mysterious throughout 😉

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Ebon Light (Sep 13, 17)

edit; Gahhh! It’s 12:01! 14th. 14th. Grr.

PFfffft I originally typed that ‘Sep 12, 27’. (And now it’s the 13th, ugh delays everywhere 🙁 )
I was briefly horrified!

And a terrible prelude!

This update might delve into ~Vaguely More Personal~ than you’re strictly interested in, so the TLDR is:

Things truck on slowly; I’m going to continue being skittish with the updates (my apologies) for another week and then we’ll see where we’re at from there!

Woo, that’s a really low quality gif! It was fighting with me, though, so rest assured it’s a low quality victory!

And now onto the ~Vaguely More Personal~ section:
I’m going out of the country in a week, just for a little bit (four days). EL’s been a somewhat ~confounding~ mess, though I say it with affection. I’m throwing my hands up a little bit here; what I mean by that is, this update, the last one, and likely the next one are prolly gonna, for lack of a better term, be a little bad.

But heyyyy, whatever!
Man, this game is making me give my natural pessimistic nature a run for it’s money.

For a couple of reasons I am just super scatter brained right now which is making the task of keeping a branching story cohesive rather challenging. No small part due to my poor planning, if I’d been keeping better notes from the beginning I’d of saved myself a lot of effort. Another protip for the future, I reckon.

I’m sorry about the lack of compendium updates; I unbelievably just spaced it again, and I don’t have one for you yet, but I’ll pop one up as soon as one manifests. The compendium entries have probably run their course as far as this game is concerned, they’re getting more and more unrelated to the game’s scope, but it’s something so I don’t want to wrap them up entirely. And, if this continues on for much longer, I’ll go back to constructing one on routine, but for this week and next I’m just gonna let it come or not come.

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Ebon Light (Sep 5, 17)

Happy super early Tuesday!
Another tiny update; I plan to add more to this after I’ve slept and put some more stuff together, but I didn’t want to fully delay it.

I suspect this will be one of the last characters who needs drawing; perhaps some background characters(nonspeaking, a little pet peeve of mine is when visual novels mention crowds and things on a completely empty road) if I can get to them, but thats one of those ‘not strictly necessary’ assets that could (sadly) be cut if need be.

This is General Sawtren! He plays a relatively minor role, but I like him!
We’ll see how different he looks come finished game; he didn’t have a particular look in my head yet, so nothing I wanted to translate. Well, save a comparative lack of fanciness. Which is a little tricky; I don’t want him bedazzled but I don’t want him to be completely without visual.. uh.. stimulation? Ugh, I guess I did have something in mind.

Writing is going; no bells and whistles yet but it’s coming!
I’ll post up the gif for this week tomorrow, editing this post. I didn’t quite get to it yet, so I apologize for the delay. I hope everyone is having a good week!

Ebon Light (August 28, 17)

Happy Monday!
It’s a few minutes shy of midnight for me soooo probably noooot gonna be officially Monday, but hey, by my standard.

This update isn’t going to be too exciting unfortunately. I don’t want to give details because that’s really not why anyone is here and it’s personal, but… you know, life chaos. It’s been super difficult to concentrate, but hey, I’ve chipped away a little.

When it gets to being like this, easier than dancing the masochistic dance with writing that isn’t coming as life is not cooperating, I just fiddle with more ‘technical’/design-y things, so here we are:

Kadia, as she was named, has a “”””‘sense of humor”””” but long since cared what anyone else thinks 😉

I did get a little writing done, but only a little. Not even a percent! I don’t know if it’s just because of the way things have been but these percentages are pretty demotivating (for me, at least) lately, grrrr. I think I’ll only mention any 5/10 milestones that are left. With the optimism that persists that maybe I won’t need to next week 😉
Tomorrow is a busy day but hopefully things will chill after that, phewww… hopefully! But one way or another, as it goes! This is also why I’m not doing my ‘ok tomorrow’ thing again, but that’s a cycle I’m trying to break anyway. As it was definitely becoming a cycle 😉

I hope everyone is having a good week, staying safe <3 The world is crazy at the moment. Past few moments. I don't know, maybe it always has been.

Ebon Light (August 22, 17)

Happy Tuesday, again!
Oh my, I just realized that Thursday had come and gone and.. and I.. just completely spaced the compendium entry. This new schedule is having it’s fair share of tumbles, isn’t it?

Ugh it’s partially to blame for the lingering personal nonsense that caused me to go MIA last month–it’s not all clicking back into place as quickly/instantly as I wanted, all still hampering EL in smaller ways. It’s definitely getting better with each passing week, but considering I’ve been wanting this project out the door ASAP ASAP ASAP for over a year now it’s all a little maddening!

So new week, yet another attempt at increasing productivity, hoping to kick this thing out the door in one amazing burst, and I’m going to keep hoping for that, but in the meantime chipping away at it much more slowly. Progress is progress is all that, such and such, what one says to themselves to keep positive.

Here’s a delayed compendium entry with my apologies for… forgetting. I’m scatterbrain extraordinaire sometimes.

And a gif! With the reminder that the clips you see in the gif are likely going to be altered come final game (Came to mind because I’m almost positive this isn’t going to happen in her bedroom.)

Further, her new face isn’t implemented yet which is why it doesn’t look different in the above gif, but I did hammer out how I’m gonna go about it. Here’s a gif of me switching back and forth between two skin tones, one with the old face(paler), one with the new.

There’s a little bit of weirdness going on with the neck on the new face, but I’m probably going to be able to fix that up with some slight editing. If not, as I mentioned on tumblr, I’ll have to use this as a ‘character development’ opportunity and consider what happened to make her neck look like that! 😉

Script is at 82 or 83 percent… seems like I wrote more than before but when I put it in comparison to what’s left, haha, well, limping along is better than a full stop!
One..one..one and a half…okay, >three percent or bust for next week, that’s the goal.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week <3 If you got to the eclipse--how cool is that?! I wanna name a game Something Something Eclipse some day. I don't even care if it's cheesy. Hmm.

Ebon Light (August 15, 17)

Happy.. Tuesday!
It’s late! But here! Update time!

I’m beginning to think this perpetual feeling of scrambling to keep from being completely underwater is something of a development rite-of-passage, so I am going to embrace it for what it’s worth! Tenaaaacious!

Writing is feeling good, and finally making progress on that front. The little lifeline that’s keeping me afloat from aforementioned ‘completely underwater’ feeling. I was beating my head against the wall for awhile but finally made about a whopping ~ one percent ~ of progress (81%), but it was fast and recent, which I’m hoping will sustain through the rest of the script.

I’m also sketching a ~romance~ cg, which I refussssse to preview because that’s definitely a ‘wait till you play/or at least after the game is released’ thing. So instead, have tormenting Lacey:

I’ll be popping up some ‘proper’ images of the MC’s edited appearance soon, either sometime this week or next update.

Short and sweetish, and late, true to form. One day it’ll be ‘short, sweet, and perfectly on time.’
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week <3

Ebon Light (August 8, 27)

Hi! Happy .. beginning of the week, new update schedule, etc!
Starting this off in typical form with a ‘Hey guess what you’re on a late timezone so for everyone is definitely Tuesday’ sorta update! Except it’s even proper morning for me now so this one is rather late, my apologies!

Aside from that, my head is definitely back in the game so phew.

First matter of interest:
Mc Update?

I am (most likely) going to be changing the MC’s face a little! I’m not completely certain I’m doing it, but before release I need to tidy up a few of the MC’s files anyway, and while changing this will be quite tedious a venture, I don’t imagine it would take more than an hour or two total and, thankfully, Netflix exists.

She might end up something more like this:

(Essentially only rounding her face a bit more)

I aim to keep it fairly subtle, buuuut I keep noticing some disproportionate stuff when comparing her to other characters in the game that’s been driving me a little batty. I used to get some comments about her face, too, and while I’m not trying to Barbie her, some tinkering might not be so bad. So we’ll see! Definitely open to input!

Working on the little mini-interface for these sorts of situations!

Not really happy with that kinda format, I think the different colors/alterations will just get full buttons but you get the idea!
I’m gonna try something a teensy bit ambitious with that scene that should be fun if it works out, here’s hoping 🙂

On the subject of writing: I’m working on going through and adding in barebones to all the remaining scenes, kinda like a hyper detailed outline… pretty much every week I’m bonking myself on the head with ‘I really should’ve known better’, this is another one. I have an outline and I even went through and made a twine version of the game eons ago but it doesn’t have enough of the nitty-gritty to keep things moving smoothly. Sometimes I just wing everything, but those times are finicky and certainly not dependable enough for this, as is evident. Writing in general has definitely been the biggest challenge so far, bizarre as that is for me to wrap my head around still! I enjoy it (most of the time), these characters are so ridiculously old and worn in they’re like old sweatshirts, but this is stilllll taaaaaking me foreverrrrrr.

Anywho, the ball is rolling again. Once I finish the script skeleton we’ll be easily at 80% of the way through the writing, and sitting no prettier than I can imagine barring a finished script. After finishing up those sections I mentioned in the last update I thought I’d be buzzing through it by now but, alas… things haven’t been working out swimmingly but they’re definitely better and I’m doing everything I can think of to speed this up!

Oh! The clothing peddler up there needs a name! Narora? Kadia?
Any votes?

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Thursday update: