We have a sorta-kinda liftoff!

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer: Wait until the 24th or the 31st if you are expecting to play the whole game through! This is basically an extended demo, I didn’t get a lot of stuff in yet. Your saves SHOULD carry over fine, your codex/history records/outfits (although all the outfits you can get to at the moment are given to you automatically), but I have very limited experience with this and at this point… anything could happen!

Also, please forgive my super informal and probably super lackluster semi-sorta-improper-only partial release, I am SOO TIRED!
But also excited, I hope those of you eager to poke around in it enjoy it!

And if you find any errors, or have any issues, or anything of that sort, don’t by shy!
You can post here, on the forums here, send me messages on Tumblr, Twitter, or chat over onnnnn…