Good news and bad news!

EL is getting partially released tomorrow, as planned. The “partially” bit means it won’t be the full game just yet; I would, absolutely, practical stick figure art assets and all, if there was any way to get it all in for you guys tomorrow.

But alas, I’ve run out of time!

So what this means is that tomorrow I’ll have an link you guys, and the brave of you willing to venture into a game that is likely to have some bugs (there was also no time to get it to testers!), and will end at another abrupt cliffhanger, by all means, download and play! The rest of the game will be out soon. I am not working past January on EL, and I am not leaving EL’s story unfinished.
The 24th (a week after tomorrow) I will release another update, and if necessary, a final one on the 31st.

And sheesh, I know I’ve been quiet! Been very, very busy and totally unsure where this was going, hoping I’d be able to keep the date in it’s entirety and I am the sort who holds out hope to the bitter end (aka the 16th 😉 )

Thank you so much for your continued support! I had a few very, very sweet messages and pff I do not deserve them!