Happy Friday!
Happy release date announcement!

It’s definitely after Christmas, but I had to be a little conservative with this in order to save my sanity, and likely that of my play testers, but… a date is here!

That’s uhmmm.. 40 days from now! Which I feel is definitely enough to turn this into something less like a crash landing but I do tend to underestimate so I’m hoping I’ve buffered sufficiently for that. It’s really beyond ‘hope’ though since at this point I’m releasing this thing no matter what state it is in on the 17th 😛
Woooo there I go instilling confidence!

As for more typical update stuff, currently in the process of getting this hair in the game:

Finally went through and updated all the MC’s files cleaned/face update finished as well. Getting her ready for her adventure~~~
I was putting that off for sooooo long because I thought it’d be the most tedious thing ever and there’s an infinite amount of other stuff to do in the meantime but I finally buckled down and pfft it was ridiculously easy. I (accidentally, ha) discovered photoshop’s ‘transform again’ function which quickly turned it into something that only took a couple minutes. Err. After sorting that all out in the first place, anyway.

Script continues to evade completion but it will be. I think this is mostly a super inconvenience to playtesters who were supposed to be testing it already, but it’s not worrying me too much beyond that; I’m being mindful not to write in any superfluous art asset needs (‘suddenly, Vadeyn decided he wanted to show MC his favorite treehouse in the woods! Let’s go there, and add a new cg, and say it was snowing or something, and then he gifted her with a scarf he knit that she promised to wear forever–‘) and it’s getting done.

And yes I appreciate the irony to claiming that after posting about a new hair but that was a few weeks ago and that’s it I’m done. 😉

So I guess, let the countdown begin! Hopefully those of you who have been waiting since forever can hold off another forty days! I’m excited! Disappointed in not making 2017 but also… excited!

Tomorrow I’m gonna finish up the clothes ‘shopping’ screen/clothing inventory menu so I’ll post up some shots of that when it’s nice and pretty.

This one’s done! Well, time to add some variations.. Blue and green? Gold? Blue and gold? Black and gold?