Happy Wednesday!

Look, compendium! Gasp!
I said I wasn’t going to be doing anymore of these that weren’t based on specific people, but somehow this managed to go THIS long without getting put down. And it’s special anyway since their elf-liner was one of the first visual distinctions of Gha’alian culture, so it gets a pass.
And now it has a name! That isn’t ‘elf liner.’


OOOOKAY so the script stiiiill isn’t done, which is very disappointing but lots is getting done so I’ll have to be content with that. It’s definitely bittersweet!
And I said I was aiming for a by-Christmas release and I still am, but as December is juuuust about upon us, and I haven’t finished the script, and play testing hasn’t started, that’s rapidly going from ‘a tight goal!’ to just ‘impossible.’ 🙁 I will let you guys know a release date one way or another as soon as I can; the silver lining to not making by-Christmas is I should at least be able to know when, if not by-Christmas. What’s holding me back is the stubborn desire to make ittttt.

And thus I’m still not waving the flag on that! I promise I will keep you guys updated and the only reason I haven’t been saying more is because I’m just jamming trying to get stuff done to meet the dates and I’m not really sure about anything just yet.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, and I hope to get good news or at least some news to you all soon!