Happy Wednesday! And if you celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving!

This is going to be brief yet again, though on Friday I’m gonna be posting up something, a gif at least~

Things have been going really well, certainly, at least, by standards set in past months. I’m still not to where I need to be for giving a release date yet, and the script still isn’t done, but! it! is! coming!
I wanted to have testing start around but, best laid plans and all that, the script isn’t done — but if it isn’t in the next couple days I may divvy up part of the game and send that off to them, I’ll have to decide if that is counter intuitive to an overall testing process with the timeline I want to keep. But as I do, I hold out hope it won’t be necessary 😉

I hope you guys have a fantastic week <3 And see you on Friday! And Friday!:::

Phew, I wanted to flesh out the graphics of that scene some more for this but I am just beat. Holidays!

Well then, rest and back to it!