Happy November!

I’m lost in spreadsheets and robotic voices! I’m fitting together missing pieces, patching up the script, same as last week. I’m afraid life chaos has not been making it easy, but we truck on!

The robotic voices are, if you were wondering, reading script out loud for me while I suss through stuff, because I strive to make this whole experience as bizarre as possible, it seems. I have had this relief even as I unravel things and seem to be making an even bigger mess of a script I urgently want done, EL just seems more like I initially wanted, but I digress as I’ve been rambling on about that for two weeks now.

I’m afraid I have little to update with, chipping away at the game as I have been, with no new observations to share. All the compendium entries left, as of this moment, are character entries, of which none are ready this week. But ah, I do not come completely empty handed!

Returning with a bit of sea drama~

I’ll give you guys updates as often as I can, Wednesday or not– alas things seem to move slow enough that Wednesdays come sooner than I’d like rather than later. But indeed the day I finish the script Wednesday or not I am telling, the day I have an. official release date, Wednesday or not, I am telling! And I’m not going to release it on a Wednesday out of sheer principle, now. What’s a good day?.. Thursday? I like Thursdays.

Thank you so much for the offers to play test! We have a good amount now, we’re good to go!

Also, I’m going to need some play testers – I already have a couple, but I could use a couple more. If anyone is interested, please either comment here or shoot me an email at underbliss@gmail.com
The only requirements are a willingness to bug-hunt, and preferably hop in Discord with me and the other play testers to report/share errors, though if you’d prefer email that’s alright, too. A knack for finding grammar and spelling errors is a definite plus, too.
I’m shooting for play testing in late November/early December, so availability needed around then. If you’re interested, thank you for even being willing, and please let me know!

Have a fantastic week <3