Happy mid/lateweek! Sorry this one is late — things keep stacking up against my endeavors to keep consistent but ultimately I should have these planned out better to compensate for that, so I apologize. We learn to sway with the boat as it rocks and all that 😉


I saw this thing floating around twitter today apt in timing because it helped clarify some stuff I was thinking of but wouldn’t have been able to word well. It was this article about the ‘theme’ of a novel being the most important thing in the story and while it made some good points, as far as EL is concerned, it clicked something I’d been struggling with. When I said last week that EL had gotten away from me, that I was needing to reread stuff to get the flow, that it was coming back and I was feeling a lot better at it — well, the whole focus was returning. The stuff I’d intended initially that somewhere along the line got all frazzled as EL kinda feature creep exploded.

I can’t think of quite how to illustrate an example.. so hopefully, suffice it to say:
I’m amping up how involved the LI’s are with this particular branch, as before I was trying to avoid the illusion of ‘routes’ and compelling people to choose what character they liked over what course of action they wanted, but that ended up a silly and contradictory endeavor. I don’t think that is the sole reason the flow was disrupted, so to speak, but changing this is, I think, going to make it a lot easier to keep everything cohesive. I have a tenancy of letting evvvverythiwg get away from me–though feature creep is hardly unique to me, and I doubt it applies just to game making.
And while the second point is going to be dreadfully vague, in part to protect spoilers, I’m… ‘shifting the focus’. The examples I can think to give are, again, spoilery and since I’m still not completely sold on what I’m going to be doing with these sections, it’s difficult to say.

I know, week two of talking what amounts to rambles and plans, but I continue to be optimistic and will spam you guys with gifs as soon as I can! Here’s a compendium entry 🙂 That poor elf from last week is still waiting, sigh!

Relikol! 10 loyalty points if you remember the context she was mentioned in last time she was mentioned!

I hope everyone is having a good week!