Happy midweek!

Okay, so I mentioned on Tumblr earlier, but I did a goof and overwrote some script with an archived version. I haven’t the foggiest clue why my editor opened up an archived version instead of the current one, but regardless, it did, and I saved it, and I hadn’t had a more recent backup than what it saved with.The damage was a loss of about 16k words which ultimately isn’t thaaaat much but it was two of five sections that had taken me ~forever~ to finish. I felt the silver lining of this (as I also mentioned) was that I’d been pretty dissatisfied with those sections and generally, when you write something a second time, in my albeit limited experience, it is better the second time around. I was having a lot of issues getting momentum/flow with the story for those sections and though it’d been better recently it still wasn’t as cohesive as I’d of preferred, which was troubling in and of itself, and while I’ve obviously been trying to figure out why it’s been taking so long in between it.. taking so long, the end result remains that it just ~kinda~ got away from me. Thus I was left trying to wrangle it all in and figure out what was going on…

But all is not doom!
I figured the only way to get the momentum back was to read from the beginning again, which even though I wrote this sucker myself and you’d think I’d know it like the back of my hand by now you’d be surprised how much I forget, pfft. But hurrah! I’m starting to feel better about this than I have in moooonths, and everything is starting to feel a lot more cohesive. I’m a little freaked out about the loss of those sections, just because of how long it took me to write them the first time, but if I know anything about the way I write it’s that while even as I can obviously take forever, I can also write stupidly fast. That’s in part why I kept assuming things wouldn’t take much longer only for them to, lo and behold, take, again, forever!

But I can definitely feel the momentum of the story again and a lot of the panic is dissolving~~~ I’m going at this with archaic tools–a pen and notebook– to record variables so I can keep meticulous track of the branches, and I suspect this is going to mean those five ‘problem’ sections are changed/edited/refactored/whatever quite a lot. I’m going to certainly take into account that I wanted this done yesterday; but if problem sections mean it takes me eons ,and doing whatever I need to to lasso the flow means it takes a fraction of that time, then even rewriting/reworking it is going to be faster, yeah? With the added bonus being I’m 90% certain if I’m happier with it, it will be more fun to play; I figure that’s just generally how this works, but hey, I may be wrong. I could be wrong!
Further, I hate to make any assumptions or predictions, I’ve been wrong so many times, so I won’t. So all I can offer is a bit of an update!

In complete other news:
Some resolutions (including mine) had this issue with EL’s setting menu where in windowed mode then ‘no’ button wouldn’t light up correctly whilst in windowed mode. This was because the 1920×1080 resolution wasn’t registering as active in displays that didn’t have that resolution..available? It would still work for all intents and purposes but the infuriating little button wouldn’t light up.
So that’s fixed! Hurray!
I also think I fixed some issue with the compendium screen opening up over settings or from the settings in the main menu, though not totally convinced that’s hammered out.
Just, I dunno, bits of housekeeping.

No compendium just yet — bear with me! I’m jumping back and forth everywhere right now and the entry I wanna do, on a character, is tied up with some stuff that may change so I wanna make sure it’s good to go before ‘releasing’ it. I’ll post it as soon as I can!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and if not, then.. well, I hope it gets wonderful right away.