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We have a sorta-kinda liftoff!

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer: Wait until the 24th or the 31st if you are expecting to play the whole game through! This is basically an extended demo, I didn’t get a lot of stuff in yet. Your saves SHOULD carry over fine, your codex/history records/outfits (although all the outfits you can get to at the moment are given to you automatically), but I have very limited experience with this and at this point… anything could happen!

Also, please forgive my super informal and probably super lackluster semi-sorta-improper-only partial release, I am SOO TIRED!
But also excited, I hope those of you eager to poke around in it enjoy it!

And if you find any errors, or have any issues, or anything of that sort, don’t by shy!
You can post here, on the forums here, send me messages on Tumblr, Twitter, or chat over onnnnn…


EboooNnn LiiIGhHGhhT

Good news and bad news!

EL is getting partially released tomorrow, as planned. The “partially” bit means it won’t be the full game just yet; I would, absolutely, practical stick figure art assets and all, if there was any way to get it all in for you guys tomorrow.

But alas, I’ve run out of time!

So what this means is that tomorrow I’ll have an itch.io link you guys, and the brave of you willing to venture into a game that is likely to have some bugs (there was also no time to get it to testers!), and will end at another abrupt cliffhanger, by all means, download and play! The rest of the game will be out soon. I am not working past January on EL, and I am not leaving EL’s story unfinished.
The 24th (a week after tomorrow) I will release another update, and if necessary, a final one on the 31st.

And sheesh, I know I’ve been quiet! Been very, very busy and totally unsure where this was going, hoping I’d be able to keep the date in it’s entirety and I am the sort who holds out hope to the bitter end (aka the 16th 😉 )

Thank you so much for your continued support! I had a few very, very sweet messages and pff I do not deserve them!

Ebon Light, Jan 17th 2018!

Happy Friday!
Happy release date announcement!

It’s definitely after Christmas, but I had to be a little conservative with this in order to save my sanity, and likely that of my play testers, but… a date is here!

That’s uhmmm.. 40 days from now! Which I feel is definitely enough to turn this into something less like a crash landing but I do tend to underestimate so I’m hoping I’ve buffered sufficiently for that. It’s really beyond ‘hope’ though since at this point I’m releasing this thing no matter what state it is in on the 17th 😛
Woooo there I go instilling confidence!

As for more typical update stuff, currently in the process of getting this hair in the game:

Finally went through and updated all the MC’s files cleaned/face update finished as well. Getting her ready for her adventure~~~
I was putting that off for sooooo long because I thought it’d be the most tedious thing ever and there’s an infinite amount of other stuff to do in the meantime but I finally buckled down and pfft it was ridiculously easy. I (accidentally, ha) discovered photoshop’s ‘transform again’ function which quickly turned it into something that only took a couple minutes. Err. After sorting that all out in the first place, anyway.

Script continues to evade completion but it will be. I think this is mostly a super inconvenience to playtesters who were supposed to be testing it already, but it’s not worrying me too much beyond that; I’m being mindful not to write in any superfluous art asset needs (‘suddenly, Vadeyn decided he wanted to show MC his favorite treehouse in the woods! Let’s go there, and add a new cg, and say it was snowing or something, and then he gifted her with a scarf he knit that she promised to wear forever–‘) and it’s getting done.

And yes I appreciate the irony to claiming that after posting about a new hair but that was a few weeks ago and that’s it I’m done. 😉

So I guess, let the countdown begin! Hopefully those of you who have been waiting since forever can hold off another forty days! I’m excited! Disappointed in not making 2017 but also… excited!

Tomorrow I’m gonna finish up the clothes ‘shopping’ screen/clothing inventory menu so I’ll post up some shots of that when it’s nice and pretty.

This one’s done! Well, time to add some variations.. Blue and green? Gold? Blue and gold? Black and gold?

Update on Friday!

Hi! Sorry for the delay; on Friday I’ll have a release date for you guys as well as regular update stuff, I just need a bit more time!

Ebon Light! (Nov 29, 17)

Happy Wednesday!

Look, compendium! Gasp!
I said I wasn’t going to be doing anymore of these that weren’t based on specific people, but somehow this managed to go THIS long without getting put down. And it’s special anyway since their elf-liner was one of the first visual distinctions of Gha’alian culture, so it gets a pass.
And now it has a name! That isn’t ‘elf liner.’


OOOOKAY so the script stiiiill isn’t done, which is very disappointing but lots is getting done so I’ll have to be content with that. It’s definitely bittersweet!
And I said I was aiming for a by-Christmas release and I still am, but as December is juuuust about upon us, and I haven’t finished the script, and play testing hasn’t started, that’s rapidly going from ‘a tight goal!’ to just ‘impossible.’ 🙁 I will let you guys know a release date one way or another as soon as I can; the silver lining to not making by-Christmas is I should at least be able to know when, if not by-Christmas. What’s holding me back is the stubborn desire to make ittttt.

And thus I’m still not waving the flag on that! I promise I will keep you guys updated and the only reason I haven’t been saying more is because I’m just jamming trying to get stuff done to meet the dates and I’m not really sure about anything just yet.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, and I hope to get good news or at least some news to you all soon!

Ebon Light (Nov 22, 17)

Happy Wednesday! And if you celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving!

This is going to be brief yet again, though on Friday I’m gonna be posting up something, a gif at least~

Things have been going really well, certainly, at least, by standards set in past months. I’m still not to where I need to be for giving a release date yet, and the script still isn’t done, but! it! is! coming!
I wanted to have testing start around but, best laid plans and all that, the script isn’t done — but if it isn’t in the next couple days I may divvy up part of the game and send that off to them, I’ll have to decide if that is counter intuitive to an overall testing process with the timeline I want to keep. But as I do, I hold out hope it won’t be necessary 😉

I hope you guys have a fantastic week <3 And see you on Friday! And Friday!:::

Phew, I wanted to flesh out the graphics of that scene some more for this but I am just beat. Holidays!

Well then, rest and back to it!

Ebon Light! (Nov 15, 17)

Happy midweek!
I know this is getting tiring but another drop and dash; I’m super busy, much of which concerns (somewhat) frantically getting EL together.
Trying to get this sucker, well, specifically, the script done so I can get it tested so I can get it released by a certain schedule–not quite ready to give a release date, but that should be coming any day now.
I’m definitely making good progress which is immensely refreshing coming off the past few weeks which were mostly just a crawl followed by a waddle followed by a stubborn standstill.

Ahhh you guys need some gifs, I’ll get you some gifs soon!
I hope everyone has a fantastic week <3

Ebon Light! (Nov 9, 17)

Happy midweek!

Things are going good! If I manage to stick to the plan I’m attempting to, we should hopefully see EL soon! This is a super short update, I know, but packed with optimism so there’s that! I’m jamming away at script, gonna stick to that so bear with me a for a little while longerrrrr!

I hope everyone is having a good week <3

Ebon Light! Nov 1, 17!

Happy November!

I’m lost in spreadsheets and robotic voices! I’m fitting together missing pieces, patching up the script, same as last week. I’m afraid life chaos has not been making it easy, but we truck on!

The robotic voices are, if you were wondering, reading script out loud for me while I suss through stuff, because I strive to make this whole experience as bizarre as possible, it seems. I have had this relief even as I unravel things and seem to be making an even bigger mess of a script I urgently want done, EL just seems more like I initially wanted, but I digress as I’ve been rambling on about that for two weeks now.

I’m afraid I have little to update with, chipping away at the game as I have been, with no new observations to share. All the compendium entries left, as of this moment, are character entries, of which none are ready this week. But ah, I do not come completely empty handed!

Returning with a bit of sea drama~

I’ll give you guys updates as often as I can, Wednesday or not– alas things seem to move slow enough that Wednesdays come sooner than I’d like rather than later. But indeed the day I finish the script Wednesday or not I am telling, the day I have an. official release date, Wednesday or not, I am telling! And I’m not going to release it on a Wednesday out of sheer principle, now. What’s a good day?.. Thursday? I like Thursdays.

Thank you so much for the offers to play test! We have a good amount now, we’re good to go!

Also, I’m going to need some play testers – I already have a couple, but I could use a couple more. If anyone is interested, please either comment here or shoot me an email at underbliss@gmail.com
The only requirements are a willingness to bug-hunt, and preferably hop in Discord with me and the other play testers to report/share errors, though if you’d prefer email that’s alright, too. A knack for finding grammar and spelling errors is a definite plus, too.
I’m shooting for play testing in late November/early December, so availability needed around then. If you’re interested, thank you for even being willing, and please let me know!

Have a fantastic week <3

Ebon Light! (Oct 26, 17)

Happy mid/lateweek! Sorry this one is late — things keep stacking up against my endeavors to keep consistent but ultimately I should have these planned out better to compensate for that, so I apologize. We learn to sway with the boat as it rocks and all that 😉


I saw this thing floating around twitter today apt in timing because it helped clarify some stuff I was thinking of but wouldn’t have been able to word well. It was this article about the ‘theme’ of a novel being the most important thing in the story and while it made some good points, as far as EL is concerned, it clicked something I’d been struggling with. When I said last week that EL had gotten away from me, that I was needing to reread stuff to get the flow, that it was coming back and I was feeling a lot better at it — well, the whole focus was returning. The stuff I’d intended initially that somewhere along the line got all frazzled as EL kinda feature creep exploded.

I can’t think of quite how to illustrate an example.. so hopefully, suffice it to say:
I’m amping up how involved the LI’s are with this particular branch, as before I was trying to avoid the illusion of ‘routes’ and compelling people to choose what character they liked over what course of action they wanted, but that ended up a silly and contradictory endeavor. I don’t think that is the sole reason the flow was disrupted, so to speak, but changing this is, I think, going to make it a lot easier to keep everything cohesive. I have a tenancy of letting evvvverythiwg get away from me–though feature creep is hardly unique to me, and I doubt it applies just to game making.
And while the second point is going to be dreadfully vague, in part to protect spoilers, I’m… ‘shifting the focus’. The examples I can think to give are, again, spoilery and since I’m still not completely sold on what I’m going to be doing with these sections, it’s difficult to say.

I know, week two of talking what amounts to rambles and plans, but I continue to be optimistic and will spam you guys with gifs as soon as I can! Here’s a compendium entry 🙂 That poor elf from last week is still waiting, sigh!

Relikol! 10 loyalty points if you remember the context she was mentioned in last time she was mentioned!

I hope everyone is having a good week!